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Ah Harr!- The Ultimate Pirate Memory Game

Type: Games
Legend says that Blackbeard, the most dastardly pirate of all, buried his hoard of precious jewels on Treasure Island. Your pirate captain has taken you to the secret location of the island and now you must race your crew mates to find the most treasure. Beware though; Blackbeard’s curse says that things can only be removed from the island in matching sets of three.

Every card can be matched in three different ways – colour, number or object. Finding three cards with a common matching characteristic allows you to remove the cards from Treasure Island to your booty pile. Keep track of revealed cards and remember who has found which jewels, so that you can use your parrots to steal them in this constantly changing game. With five alternative ways to play, there is endless fun to be had with this addictive game that you will want to play again and again.

Skills Developed

  • Teaches children about turn taking
  • Requires children to follow instructions
  • Enhances memory skills