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Animal Memory Game

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A delightful game for all ages featuring Charley Harper's graphic and colorful illustrations. This classic game features 36 pairs of images, packaged in a minimal and elegant box (8cm x 8cm x 12cm). A great gift for children and grown ups too. It looks great, so you won't mind if it's left out on your coffee table!

Sample booklet text:

Black bears usually live in forests and can climb trees. They're not always black, though; they can be brown, blue-gray, cinnamon, blond, or even white. Bears stuff themselves with plenty of fruit, nuts, roots, insects, and vegetation during the summer and fall, then spend the winter hibernating in their dens.

Caterpillars change into butterflies through a process known as metamorphosis. Depending on their species, some butterflies may grow to nearly 12 inches in diameter. Butterflies feed on nectar, sap, and juice from fruit. They can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

How to play:

 Mix and spread cards face down. Players take turns flipping any two cards up. If cards match, player continues. If cards do not match, player's turn ends and cards remain in the same position. When all the cards are matched, player with the most pairs wins.