Active Minds Jigsaw Puzzle 13 Piece - Coastal Path – Mindconnect Australia

Active Minds Jigsaw Puzzle 13 Piece - Coastal Path


Key benefits

  • Provides stimulation 
  • Encourages conversation
  • Uses motor skills
  • Encourages memory recall

Take in the beauty of this coastal path

This 1950s train poster depicts the picturesque seaside village of Robin Hood’s Bay UK, looking over the rolling coastline of North Yorkshire to Ravenscar, on the bay’s southern headland.

How It Works

Our range of 13 piece puzzles has a selection of beautiful images that have been carefully chosen to stimulate memories and conversation once the puzzle is completed. This puzzle consists of thirteen pieces that can be assembled within the frame and on a specially printed backing board that is designed to assist and encourage the individual to complete the puzzle themselves.

This puzzle is infection control compliant