Galison Jigsaw Puzzle 25 pieces- Josef Albers. 6 x 25 Piece Puzzles

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 Key benefits

  • Provides stimulation 
  • Encourages conversation
  • Uses motor skills

The MoMA Josef Albers Wood Puzzle

A great activity while socializing around the coffee table, the MoMA Josef Albers Wood Puzzle Set by Galison belongs alongside your favourite art books. Wood puzzle pieces and box feature the work of renowned artist and educator Josef Albers in partnership with the Museum of Modern Art.

How it works

These 6 puzzles each contain 25 pieces. This is an activity designed to be an activity that will encourage conversation and teamwork. An individual with dementia can assist by sorting out the pieces by colour and together complete the coloured squares. 

Puzzles are currently selling fast, so don't miss out (note 2/04/20)