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Sense and Grow Sensory Pop Stretch Tubes

Type: Sensory

Younger children can have a fun time with these wild and crazy Sense & Grow Sensory Pop Stretch Tubes! They can make music, push them, pull them, and have all kinds of good times with these.

The Sense & Grow range from creative kids is dedicated to helping children engage their senses as they play. These Sense & Grow Sensory Pop Stretch Tubes are a lot of fun and with these children can truly engage their senses. They can push them together, pull them so that they stretch very far and they can even swing them around so that they can make their own music. Inside of the box are six different coloured stretch tubes and they can easily be stored back inside of the box once they are done playing.

The way that these engage their senses is very interesting. To start with the bright and vibrant colours can capture their attention and make their imagination run wild. They can also feel the ridges and edges of the tubes and they can even listen to the funny sounds that they make as they swing them around. These are just a really fun way for children to play.

Suitable for ages 18 months and up.

Key Features:

  • Each of the six stretch tubes is a different bright colour
  • Children can swing these around and they will make music!
  • This is a great way for a child to use their hand-eye coordination
  • There is no mess! They can be stored back inside the box once the fun is done
  • The Sense & Grow range is great for younger children to learn and develop as they play