Create Your Own Glass Stone Art Box Set – Mindconnect Australia

Create Your Own Glass Stone Art Box Set


Learn how to create stunning artworks with this Glass Stone Art Craft Kit!

Professional Jenny Zhang takes you through the fundamental techniques of paper-and-glass-stone art, while showcasing a staggering range of images and patterns.
Anyone can master this versatile artform; from creating eye-catching ornaments to statement jewellery, the 10 projects in this kit will build and develop these skills.
Each fun, easy-to follow project features step-by-step instructions and photographs.
With something for all skill levels and interests, the meditative craft of glass-stone art will both relax and inspire! This kit will carefully guide you through creating custom-made, one-of-a-kind gifts for family and friends.

What's Included

  • four large glass stones
  • 10 small glass stones
  • two self-adhesive felt backings to fit large stones
  • a 22 ml (0.74 fl oz) bottle of clear-drying glue
  • two sheets of card
  • five sheets of foiled patterned paper
  • 15 sheets of patterned paper
  • a 24-page instructional book with 10 step-by-step projects