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Emil Nolde Memory Game

Type: Games
Emil Nolde: Memory Game takes 32 of German Expressionist painter Emil Nolde's most beautiful flower watercolours and turns them into a set of cards for a memory game. Find the match to every card you turn over; this card game will sharpen your attention to detail, enhance spatial memory and encourage you to look closely at Nolde's beautiful paintings. The memory game comes complete with a fold-out booklet introducing the artist and the works included in the game. Nolde began to paint scenes of flowers in watercolours around 1918. "The colour of the flowers drew me magnetically to them, and suddenly I was painting", remembered Nolde. "I produced my first little garden painting". Nolde continued to be inspired by flowers and gardens until the end of his career, painting single blooms, beautifully composed still lifes, gardens and flowering fields.
ISBN 9783832199210. Dumont Buchverlag. memory game cards. 64 cards. 15.2 x 15.2 cm.