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Jigsaw Puzzle 500 Piece - Owls

Owl Collage 500 Piece Schmidt Jigsaw Puzzle

Schmidt jigsaws are exceptionally high quality jigsaws with captivating images for adults and children alike such as this beautiful 500 pce owl puzzle.

Schmidt Spiele, a German jigsaw puzzle and toy manufacturer founded in the early 1900s, is currently one of Germany’s finest puzzle and games manufacturers. They had humble beginnings in the small toy industry of Germany.

Today Schmidt Spiele has expanded their corporation to a large scale manufacturer of toys and jigsaw puzzles that distributes worldwide. Now most famous for their jigsaw puzzles, Schmidt Spiele has further had to revolutionize their manufacturing to keep up with an ever expanding industry.

  • Premium Quality
  • Great variety of forms thanks to individually shaped pieces
  • Perfect cohesion thanks to specially-developed cardboard
  • Perfect accuracy of fit thanks to an especially fine punching knife
  • Special matt varnish for jigsaw puzzles without reflections
  • Linen Structure
  • Exclusive design