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Blue Opal Mures at the Docks 1000 Piece Jigsaw


Artist Esther Shohet was born in Brisbane, Australia. She grew up with a passion for drawing and painting from a very young age.

Originally qualifying in Fashion Design, in the early 80's, she travelled to London to pursue her career. While there she decided to follow her heart and study art. Esther studied formally in Paris.

On her return to Australia she worked as a Graphic Designer before moving to Japan where she commenced her painting career in earnest. Inspired by the silks around her she painted on silk using a Batik method.

The vibrant colours and the movement in her pictures evoke a sense of fun and happiness. Esther has exhibited in Japan, Singapore, the United States and Australia.

She now resides in Tasmania which provides a perfect environment for her family and endless inspiration with its heritage and natural beauty.