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Nostalgia Board Game

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Nostalgia Board Game

This reminiscent ramble through the momentous events of the Twentieth Century is a game of fads and fashions…… a timely document of the good, the bad, the funny and the frivolous!!!

From Mods to Punk Rockers; Hammer Horrors to Block Busters; historical events to hysterical clothes, you’ll face questions on the weird and the wonderful from those now distant decades of The Sixties, The Seventies and The Eighties.

Bobbing ogs, feely-boppers and flares all make their claim in the “momentary Madness” Hall Of Fame……Whilst the prize for “Pointless Pets” is a close-run contest between Pet Logs, Pet Rocks, stick on Garfields and Cabbage Patch Dolls!!!

It’s time to pull up those plastic chairs, light the lava lamps, crack open a Party Seven, pull on your pumps and take a memory-jigging jog through the dusty depths of your collective memories!!!