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Puzzle Master Cities of the World Rome 1000 Piece Puzzle


Celebrate the old world and beautiful city of Rome with this phenomenal Puzzle Master jigsaw puzzle. Not only will this test your puzzle solving skills, but you will also have a gorgeous image that you can frame with pride on your wall once you are done.

When it comes to capturing the magic, beauty, and even quirks of the best cities on earth in jigsaw form, Puzzle Master truly are the masters of this! This 1,000 piece Cities of the World, Rome jigsaw puzzle is one that really stands out. From the classic stone bridge, that incredible Roman architecture in the background, and that breathtaking Italian sky in the background, there is a lot going on in this image and it is the kind that is just begging to be put in a nice frame and displayed in your home.

While it is easy to get caught up with how amazing this image looks, at 1,000 pieces, this is going to be a very challenging, but also fun jigsaw puzzle to put together. Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to keep those fine motor skills engaged and also give your brain a lot of stimulation too. Thanks to the thick carding, this jigsaw puzzle could be used time and time again. Plus, those bright colours used to bring the image to life make it perfect if you do decide that you want to display it.

Key Features:

  • Rome truly is an incredible city and it is captured beautifully here
  • This is going to test even the grandest of puzzle masters!
  • Each piece is made with strong and thick carding
  • It would look incredible on your wall!
  • Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to keep a person's mind active