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Twisty Board Game

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Twisty is a family-friendly strategy game challenging players to collect tokens in sequences that change every game!

In Twisty, each player lines up 7 colored tokens in front of them: this sequence determines the order in they have to collect the colored tokens on the board. In turn, players make “L-shaped” moves on the board. If, at the end of a move, they land on a token that corresponds to the next color in their sequence, they pick it up. If they land on a special token, they can use its “power” (extra move, protection, etc.). If they land on a square occupied by an opponent, they can steal one of the tokens the other players has already collected. The first player to collect the 7 colored tokens wins the game!


  • High-Quality Family Game – DJECO games are made for play and stand up to multiple game sessions, travel, and everything in between.
  • Family Strategy – Twisty enforces easy-learn strategy by challenging players to collect token in sequences that change every time they play!
  • Award Winning – Received the 2019 EducaFLIP prize that identifies games with high education potential.

Game Contents:

  • Game Board
  • Game Tiles
  • Player Tokens
  • Rules Guide