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Yazz Puzzle 3873 People 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

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Get ready for a puzzling adventure with the Yazz People Jigsaw Puzzle!

This 1000-piece collage puzzle brings together a vibrant assortment of people-themed images, making it the perfect challenge for puzzle enthusiasts aged 12 and above. With dimensions measuring 27" x 20", this jigsaw puzzle offers hours of entertainment and relaxation. Whether you're a seasoned puzzle master or a beginner, this Yazz puzzle is sure to captivate your attention and keep you engaged. Assembling the pieces to reveal the beautiful collage will not only stimulate your mind but also provide a sense of accomplishment. Embark on this delightful journey and get lost in the world of People!


  • Finished Size: 27" x 20"
  • Pieces: 1000