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Puzzle Books and Activities
Books, Self Care and Inspiration

Books, Self Care and Inspiration

Do you seek further information on brain health, dementia or self-care? Increase your knowledge with reading.
Art & Craft

Art & Craft

Creating art relieves stress, encourages creative thinking, increases brain plasticity and enhances mood and engagement.
Dementia Products

Dementia Products

Doing meaningful activities that are designed for individuals living with dementia encourages a sense of fun, connection, co-ordination and memory recall.

About Mindconnect Australia

Mindconnect Australia are focusing on the prevention and management of cognitive decline through sourcing a range of puzzles, games and activities that connect people, provide engagement and stimulate the mind. Included in our range is a selection of award winning products designed for individuals living with dementia and sensory processing disorders.

The benefits of engaging in brain training are numerous  skill development, socialisation, improved cognitive function, develop problem solving skills and enhancing mood and engagement. 

My mum suffers from dementia and the kids wanted to do something special so we purchased the In The Garden Aquapaint which was perfect.The whole experience has been priceless. Thank you Mind Connect!
R. Loscialpo
My mum loves painting and drawing, she is a retired artist and I brought her the art lovers Christmas Hamper. It’s such a nice idea and the products are really good quality, it’s great value for money, I’m very happy with the purchase. My checkout process and navigating through the website was really easy, I’d definitely recommend this website.
H. Smith
Fantastic products and excellent customer service. As Lifestyle Coordinator of an Aged Care facility, this is my go to supplier. Thank you Mindconnect Australia.
Tracey OMeara
My puzzles just arrived, only a few days after I ordered them. The quality is excellent! And the customer service was *so good*. I can't recommend Mindconnect Australia highly enough. Thank you. 🤩🤩🤩
S Jay