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Cloudberries “Flowers” Jigsaw Puzzle

Cloudberries “Flowers” Jigsaw Puzzle

Cloudberries “Flowers” Jigsaw Puzzle

Cloudberries is a planet friendly jigsaw puzzle company based in the United Kingdom.  They specialize in puzzles made for adults while also giving back to the environment by planting a tree for every puzzle sold!

I’m actually a very new fan to the Cloudberries brand but have admired their designs for quite some time.  In particular their “Flowers” design has been sitting at the top of my puzzle wishlist, so I recently decided it was time to add it to my cart at Mindconnect and get started with piecing it together.

The image for this puzzle was a labour of love for Cloudberries.  They took fresh flowers, scanned them on a really powerful scanner and then had to painstakingly photoshop out all the pollen and dust that had fallen on the glass. Cloudberries themselves told me it took forever!

The Cloudberries brand is known for producing a high quality product.  The puzzle boxes are square and a nice size in comparison to the amount of pieces they hold.  The pieces themselves are thick, fit together beautifully and have a matte finish.


I’m a puzzler who feels the need to sort pieces to create some organization when I puzzle, but it’s actually not a process I enjoy.  There’s always that one puzzle though where the sorting doesn’t seem quite so tedious and “Flowers” is one of them.  The pretty piece colours make the sort quite enjoyable!

With the sorting process being pleasant, you can imagine the puzzle itself being wonderful to put together.  It truly is!  I found the challenge to be just right.  It wasn’t frustrating in any way.  If I stalled on one section, I could easily jump to another and I found many pieces would just fall into place.  

The challenge is this puzzle definitely comes from the darker sections in the image.  I slowed down through the centre of the image but as with most puzzles that are quite full of detail, there’s always small hints in the pieces and their surrounds that give away the position of where a piece needs to go.

Below you’ll see the image of the completed puzzle!  I’m sure you’ll agree it is beautiful and well worth the time and effort Cloudberries put into it to make it perfect. Mindconnect have a wonderful range of Cloudberries puzzles in stock including the “Flowers” puzzle!

You can view the entire range here

Cloudberries Range (Click Here)

Until next time,

Narelle (Rell) Hill

@relishpuzzles on Instagram.

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