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Top 6 Activities for Residents in Aged Care Homes

Top 6 Activities for Residents in Aged Care Homes

Top 6 Activities for Residents in Aged Care Homes

Having been in and around the residential aged care industry for 20 years, the staff at Mindconnect Australia completely understand the current challenges confronting lifestyle staff. We have a specified range of products for residents with early on-set dementia through to late stage dementia. There is also a quality range of products available for those still cognitively fit from board games, to trivia to art products.

  1. Paintless Painting using Aqua Paints (for all residents)


Have you seen these reusable aqua paints before? With 5 to choose from, these aqua paints are used with water, making them clean and easy for both staff and residents, yet still bring beautiful colour images to life. Even better, these aqua paints are reusable so after they dry, the same aqua paint can be made available for future use. A great art activity for residential aged care facilities. 

To view our full range of Aqua Paints click here 


  1. Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles (Dementia related 13 piece to 63 piece puzzles; Non-Dementia 300 and 500 piece puzzles) – Infection Control Compliant



This range of puzzles has something that each of the residents will enjoy. For early on-set dementia residents, the 63 large piece puzzles are not too big, however big enough to be a challenge. For the later stage dementia residents, the 13 large piece puzzles are an activity that they can engage in with care staff.

For those residents that enjoy a challenge there are some great large piece puzzles from 300 pieces to 500 pieces.

To view our full range of Jigsaw Puzzles click here
  1. Fidget Widget Tool Kit



The 5 individual tactile products in this tool kit assist those living with dementia by having turn, slide, roll, spin and twist features to keep the hands busy and relaxed. These products can help to relax or calm an individual or simply support repetitive actions.

To view our full range of sensory products click here

  1. Board Games

Board games are always a favourite and having a range of games that those living with dementia can engage in as well as cognitively fit residents, makes these board games unique.

Animal Bingo is a fun game for all ages that is accessible for those at early and later stages of their dementia journey, helping to improve cognitive functions and social participation.

By using authentic animal sounds and beautifully illustrated images instead of numbers, people in later stages of dementia are still able to take part in this popular game.





Snakes & Ladders and Ludo are two popular board games that have been enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. These games have been adapted to meet the needs of people living with dementia.

The strong colour contrasts and clear design of the board is more appropriate for people with visual and cognitive impairments. Enlarged counters are also easier to move for players with rheumatism or dexterity difficulties.


Nature Quiz is a fun game for all residents that provides stimulation and encourages memory recall. This game has different levels of questions in relation to varying topics including habitats, animals, plants and much more. A great game to engage residents and leisure team staff.







To view our full range of board games click here 

  1. Memory Games

This matching pair’s game is a fun game for all residents. A great activity while socialising around the activities table, these two games will provide great mental stimulation for the residents.

The games work by matching pairs of authentic colours. One is favourite soups and the other memory game has beautifully illustrated animal portraits.

Memory - Soup

To view our full range of memory games click here


On behalf of the staff at Mindconnect Australia thank you for what you do and we hope this list of activities provides some ideas for you and your residents.

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