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Art & Fable 1000 Piece Velvet Touch - Game Night


Game Night is a 1000-piece puzzle featuring the art of Bart Slyp and Elvira Errico.

Included with every A&F puzzle:

– A High Quality Print of the artwork

– Box Top Stand

– Resealable Bag

Difficulty: 2/5
Artist: Bart E. Slyp and Elvira Errico

Bart E. Slyp and Elvira Errico are a professional two-person team with over twenty years of experience in painting and illustration. Bart and Elvira combine their backgrounds as cartoonists and painters to create artworks full of lively characters and funny scenes.

The pair take leisurely trips through their neighborhood along the sea, drawing inspiration straight from their daily lives on the sunny coast of Italy. The synergy between them is founded on shared laughter and hard work. Elvira takes care of color and creative design, allowing Bart to focus on the story design, sketching, and drawing. Alongside cartooning on a computer they use watercolor and acrylic paint to create wonderfully relaxing art.