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Art & Fable 1000 Piece Velvet Touch - Jaguar Shaman

Legend of the Jaguar Shaman

Legend of the Jaguar Shaman is a 1000-piece puzzle featuring the art of Nathan Miller.

Included with every A&F puzzle:

– A High Quality Print of the artwork

– Box Top Stand

– Resealable Bag

Difficulty: 5/5

Artist:  Nathan Miller

Fine art wildlife painter Nathan Miller gathers inspiration for his art from many years spent abroad in Costa Rica.  He developed as an artist in the small town of Nosara where, surrounded by the jungle and immersed in nature, his creativity was awakened and the desire to portray wildlife in his work commenced. Commissioned paintings of wildlife and portraiture led to exhibiting his art at the Hidden Garden Gallery in Liberia, Costa Rica. In The Legend of the Jaguar Shaman, the Jaguar — a venerated animal through Latin American traditions — is celebrated. Miller incorporates several other iconic motifs of pre-Columbian civilizations in his art, paying homage to Costa Rica’s natural beauty and rich traditions.