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Art & Fable 500 Piece Jigsaw - Carnival Parade


500 Piece Jigsaw - Carnival Parade

Carnival Parade is a 500-Piece Puzzle featuring the work of Art Nouveau artist Carl Strathmann.

Included with every A&F puzzle:

– A High Quality Print of the artwork

– Box Top Stand

– Resealable Bag

Difficulty: 2/5
Artist: Carl Strathmann 
Carl Strathmann (1866 – 1939) was an Art Nouveau painter from Munich, Germany. Strathmann’s work is reliant on an ornate style and meticulous attention to detail that is applied to fairy-tale caricature figures, creating beautifully intricate designs bordering on the fantastical.  Strathmann’s œuvre overflows with creativity and imagination, each painting is a lovingly crafted world and ranges from floral still lifes to fairy-tale scenes.