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Art & Fable 750 Piece Velvet Touch Jigsaw - Her Universe


Her Universe - 750 Piece Jigsaw

Her Universe is a 750 piece puzzle featuring the art of Maria Pace-Wynters.

Included with every A&F puzzle:

– A High Quality Print of the artwork

– Box Top Stand

– Resealable Bag

Difficulty: 3/5
Artist: Maria Pace-Wynters 

Canadian mixed-media artist Maria Pace-Wynters explores the experiential essence of youth from the perspective of a mother reflecting upon her own childhood memories. Her work weaves innocent jubilation with the nostalgic melancholy of growing up, rendered in vibrant tones through a process Pace-Wynters refers to as “dream cultivation.” The symbiosis between these seemingly disparate states of the human experience is wrought so clearly and naturally in her work that it stands as testament to the delineation of innocence and experience as being, perhaps, not so disparate after all.