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This sleek lidded box is packed with all sorts of ways for readers to boost their brain power, including puzzle cards, a puzzle book and a press-out Tangram. Puzzle-lovers can give their brain a great workout with these immensely satisfying brain-teasers, including logic puzzles, Tangrams and memory games. They can even challenge family and friends to a battle of the minds! This varied and interesting selection of brain-boosting challenges makes a great gift for anyone who wants to keep their mind sharp. Includes:- 48 puzzle cards – Boost Your IQ puzzle book – A press-out Tangram puzzle ABOUT THE SERIES: Learn hobbies, solve puzzles and play games with Arcturus Leisure Kits. Each kit contains a book and card deck enclosed in an attractive lidded box, making it perfect for gifting.

12.5 × 17.9 cm