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Cat Lover's Wordsearch

Type: Books

This collection of puzzles that all feature our beloved feline friends is the ideal treat for any cat lover.

Inside you will find a variety of themed puzzles on subjects such as cat mascots, cats of mythology, animated cats, and films featuring cats, as well as excerpts from literature and poetry that feature all manner of cats. There are also puzzles which focus on specific members of the cat family, from the well-known big cats such as tigers and lions, to lesser-known felines such as the margay and Geoffroy's cat.

You're sure to learn something new about our fascinating and mysterious cat companions as you solve these delightful puzzles!

- EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN: Keep your mind alert by searching for the cunningly hidden words.
 REMOVES STRESS: Be inspired by our feline friends and let go of all your stress by working through these satisfying puzzles.