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Magnetic Creative Scene - The Allotment

Type: Games

About This Creative Scene™

Gardening is a great way to spend time away from the daily grind. Working with families to pass on knowledge down the generations. Hours can be spent in community gardens or backyards growing small pots of herbs, pumpkins for Halloween or maybe a rose garden.

How It Works

Through research, we discovered that as people’s Alzheimer's and other types of dementia progresses, individuals struggle to pick puzzle pieces up and assemble them with ease, which can cause upset and frustration. After discovering this, we created a product with no wrong answer that can give someone the same sense of achievement.

This Creative Scene™ set helps people to create their own allotment by using a collection of magnetic pieces. Each magnetic vegetable can be picked up and placed on the background wherever they choose, creating their very own allotment. 

The Allotment has been beautifully illustrated to ensure they are reminiscent of the appropriate era to stimulate memories and prompt conversation. The plastic we use is very durable and easy to clean, meeting infection control standards as well as being suitable to use time after time.