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Memory Game - Recollect Around the Globe

Type: Games

Key benefits

  • Provides stimulation 
  • Encourages conversation
  • Brings generations together
  • Encourages memory recall

About this game

The fast-paced picture memory game: remember and win, snooze and you lose! This is a fun game for all ages that provides stimulation and encourages memory recall. This game is suitable for those at early stages of their dementia journey and is a great way to engage grandparents and granchildren and all of the family in a fun and mentally stimulating way. 

How it works

This is an addictive, versatile game that comes with different modes of game play, from solo to multiplayer and beginner to mastermind, and contains fun twists that keep every game fresh, like being able to 'steal' another player's card once they get a question wrong, and free rolls! Test your skills and flummox your friends and family as you compete to be the ultimate picture detective. It is sure to become an instant favourite. Included is 30 game cards, a dice and a sand-timer.