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More Calm, Less Stress Insight Cards

Type: Books

Daily affirmations to inspire serenity!

  • Let this pack of 50 inspiring affirmation cards calm and center you as you go about your day.

  • Draw one and focus on its message to remind yourself of the here and now, or share them with family, friends, or colleagues to spread serenity.

  • 50 different day brighteners -- card set contains 50 unique cards.

  • Vibrant, varied artwork makes every card a delight.

  • Glossy coated cards are a pleasure to hold and use.

  • Store them in their keepsake box.

  • Heavy coated card stock.

  • Gorgeous full-color designs.

  • Cards measure 4'' square.

  • Box measures 4-1/4'' square x 7/8'' deep.