Piecing Together 12 Piece Jigsaw - Christmas – Mindconnect Australia

Piecing Together 12 Piece Jigsaw - Christmas


The Piecing Together Collection was created to provide those living with dementia, limited fine motor skills or visual impairments with a fun activity that can be enjoyed alone or with a loved one. The puzzle images were chosen specifically to evoke fond memories from years gone by to spark conversations with loved ones and reminisce around topics that may be long forgotten. 'Christmas' is a montage puzzle that celebrates all things festive, from Christmas crackers to gift-filled stockings. As with all Gibsons jigsaws, we use 100% recycled puzzle board, FSC paper and work with the best artists from all around the world. The beautifully illustrated pieces are designed to fit perfectly together; in fact, we use the thickest puzzle board on the market.