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Relish Aquapaint - Magnificent Birds


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The true magic of Relish Aquapaints is that people in the later stages of dementia are able to express themselves creatively whilst feeling a sense of joy and accomplishment. Each soothing stroke of the brush, with just a dash of water, reveals a beautiful image below.

Magnificent Birds
The Magnificent Birds Aquapaint set features 5 beautiful illustrations of exotic birds, carefully selected for their vibrancy and to help spark conversation and memories of memorable trips away.

Spending time on creative pursuits can enhance mental wellbeing and relaxation for people with dementia. Best of all, when the water dries, the canvas will fade back to white ready to paint again!

Key product details:

5 x art sheets
Reusable - laminate backing, card material
No paints needed, just water
Should last a year with daily use and care, more if used properly
Designed to improve dexterity
Age-appropriate images aim to inspire conversations
*please note, paintbrush is not included in the set