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Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Type: Games

Taco! Cat! Goat! Cheese! Pizza! is as unique as its name. It's a power packed quick and simple punk party game.

This is a high octane rowdy cousin to Slap Jack and Irish Snap, and it's filled to the brim with hand slapping mayhem!

Each player places a card from their hand while saying taco/cat/goat/cheese/pizza in player sequence. - when the card matches the call out  everyone slaps their hand on the deck with last player picking up cards. The winner is the player to lose all their cards first.

For extra fun, there are special action cards – the gorilla, narwhal, and groundhog, which players have to make gestures before racing to slap the deck!

  • Plays with 3–8 Players
  • About 10–30 mins
  • For Ages 8 and above