The Art of Conversation - Travel Edition – Mindconnect Australia

The Art of Conversation - Travel Edition

Type: Games

Key benefits

  • Provides stimulation 
  • Encourages conversation
  • Brings generations together
  • Encourages memory recall

If you want a game to engage everyone, here it is.

The Art TAOC® Travel edition is suitable for all ages and it's a great inclusive game for those living with dementia. 

Travelers' tales have always been popular - people have been sharing their experiences of different places and faces for about as long as we've been communicating! This new TAOC® title turns our passion for travel - and talking about it - into a new form of entertainment and education.

How it works

Simple to use, with at least 9 different variations on “play”, TAOC® helps develop effective communication, creating conversations and loads of fun with all things travel. 

The only knowledge needed to successfully contribute to TAOC® is your own travel experiences, knowledge of geography, interests and ideas.

TAOC® may be used thousands of times with continuing interest and pleasure  and suits all ages. It can be played at various levels.

Each time TAOC® is used, new and harmonious outcomes evolve.

TAOC® also has excellent Educational and Therapeutic and applications.