WerkShoppe 1000pc Puzzle Majestic Lion – Mindconnect Australia

WerkShoppe 1000pc Puzzle Majestic Lion


WerkShoppe 1000 Pc Puzzle – Majestic Lion

Art by Jennifer Mercede

“I love to play with bright colors mixed with muted neutrals. I typically work with ball point pen, acrylic paint and mark makers, like watercolor crayon and colored pencil. Working in permanent pen forces me to go with whatever ‘mistakes’ I might make, adding an element of playfulness to my art. This lion is an expression of my love for color and fun lines.”

  • 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle
  • Assembled puzzle size: 50cm W x 67.5 H
  • Includes 2 reference art inserts
  • ESKA® 100% recycled board
  • Non-toxic vegetable-based ink
  • Ribbon random-cut pieces
  • Recommended age:  13+ years