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5 Ways to Train Your Brain in Lockdown

5 Ways to Train Your Brain in Lockdown

5 Ways to Train Your Brain in Lockdown

Here are 5 quick and cost-effective ways to keep you mentally stimulated whilst in lockdown

It's easy during lockdown for you and your kids to sit down in front of the TV and watch hours of endless movies on Netflix or Stan. Whilst we are all going to need a dose of a good movie or sitcom while bunkered down, too much screen time is not healthy for the mind or brain.

Underestimated during lockdown is the impact on mental health and it's so important that you recognise the importance of brain training and mental stimulation to support you and your family during these very unusual and difficult times. Having time out for yourself and doing something challenging will ensiure you keep training your brain and there are also ways of engaging your family members to participate.

Below Mindconnect Australia have listed 5 quick, simple and cost effective ways that you can keep your mind stimulated whilst also providing enjoyment. There are many ways, here are just a few.

1. Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

How long since you have done a jigsaw? Jigsaws these days are very affordable and there is such a vast range of designs to do for children and adults. Jigsaw puzzles come in 13 piece designs up to 40,000 pieces (you would need a big table for that one) so there is such an array of sizes and images available to suit everyone.

The great thing about doing a jigsaw puzzle is that it can be very relaxing and soothing whilst still having to use your mind and imagination to work out what goes where. You also challenge your mind with strategy, where do I start, what will I focus on, do I sort colours etc so there are so many benefits to your mind in undertaking a jigsaw challenge.


2. Word Search/Crossword/Sudoku

Take time out for yourself and do some of the old favourites such as word search, a crossword or sudoku.

Any of these puzzle books stimulate the mind in so many ways as you really need to think and strategise in each of these puzzles. The beauty of these types of puzzles are that you can often choose the level of difficulty that you choose from easy to difficult so it's up to the individual how easy or hard they make it.

Many of these books are also now available in large print making them a great exercise for all ages. Go on. grab a coffee or cup of tea and sit outside with one of these brain training exercises. You will feel relaxed, whilst you put your mind to the test.


3. Games

Old family favourites are not to be underestimated when it comes to brain training and there are so many options available.

Whether it's a card game, board game, physical game or trivia game these activities are all fantastic ways of keeping mentally stimulated with family and friends. Have you tried to host a trivia session via zoom with your friends and family? What about a memory game? Give them a go, games are a wonderful way to engage and keep the brain active.


4. Art & Craft

One of the most relaxing yet stimulating ways of challenging the brain is to undertake an art or craft activity. It doesn't have to be just painting or drawing, have you experienced how relaxing doing a colour by numbers exercise can be? Have you tried rock art with stones where you can design your own pattern or follow a guide? 

With such a range of large chunky texters or doing aquapaints with a loved one with dementia by simply painting water onto the aquapaint book, there is so much choice and so many things to do in relation to art and craft.


5. Reading

Still an old favourite that is proven to keep the brain mentally fit is reading. It could be a book, it could be a magazine, it could be a newspaper or brochure. All forms of reading are healthy exercises for the brain.

Why not read a book about self-care so you can learn more about yourself and how to best look after yourself? Why not stay energised andf read a book about being positive to assist you with having the right frame of mind. You could even take on the challenge of our Crime Puzzles books and attempt to solve the crimes in these short riddles and problem solving challenges. There is so much choice available and still one of the all time favourites, so why not pick up a book now and keep your brain fit.

These are just a few ideas. The main point and underlying message in these tough lock down times are to recognise the importance of keeping your brain mentally stimulated and active when it's so easy to go into lazy mode and turn on a screen. The more active you keep your brain, the more energy you will have, it will support you staying positive and it will keep you engaged in meaningful activity during these challenging times.

Stay safe.




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