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Doing Activities with your Loved One

Doing Activities with your Loved One

Doing Activities with your Loved One

Sometimes, engaging with our loved ones who are living with dementia is not an easy thing to do for so many reasons. However trying different activities to do with them, is a positive way to spend meaningful time together.

Until recently finding activities to do was not an easy task as many of the products available were not dignified and were primarily childrens toys. Not a very nice thing for an adult to be doing a Dora activity or similar.

Nowadays there are manufacturers designing specific jigsaw puzzles, large print word search books, card games, memory games, art activities and so much more for families living with dementia. What's even better, is that many of the activities are designed for different stages of dementia so there finding activities to do in the home for carers and their loved ones has never been easier. 

It's so important that families living with dementia find ways of stimulating the brain and senses, it's such a healthy thing to do for all involved. 

If anyone is seeking ideas and would like to discuss what options might suit your own circumstances, the staff at Mindconnect Australia are very happy to put forward suggestions and ideas that will help with engagement and stimulation. Don't hesitate to send us an email at


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