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Be Careful Where You Buy Your Puzzles From

Be Careful Where You Buy Your Puzzles From

Be Careful Where You Buy Your Puzzles From

In these trying times, the team at Mindconnect Australia are reading more and more stories on various social platforms in relation to consumers being mislead or taken advantage of as jigsaw puzzle advertising becomes saturated on our news feeds.

At Mindconnect we certainly don't want to discourage consumers from buying your favourite puzzles from a Facebook or Instagram advert as we have a wonderful community of supporters all over Australia who have found us on these platforms. However, there are some key points to look out for when deciding which puzzle company you should use online.

Make sure:

- the company has a website

- they have an email address on their website that you can contact them prior to purchase and ask them a question such as 'where do you ship your puzzles from'?

- they have a phone number on their website, again so you can contact someone pre or post purchase.

- you buy from an Australian company so you can have your questions resolved quickly. Many overseas companies are often difficult to deal with for many reasons.

- Ideally see if the company also has a physical store somewhere in Australia. This is always a good sign that the company is legit.

Mindconnect Australia ticks all of the above boxes and you can be assured that your orders will be fulfilled from Sydney and despatched nationally. We know how dissapointed the puzzling community would be to pay for something online and not receive at all or receive something completely different so please be careful when choosing where you purchase your favourite puzzles from.

Stay safe everybody and happy puzzling.

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