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Seniors Clock

Seniors Clocks - Making Life Easier

Seniors Clocks - Making Life Easier

Large Font, Reminder Alarms, Day, Date, Time - A Useful Device for Seniors

You maybe an ageing Australian yourself, you may have ageing parents, you may know a relative or friend that has poor eye sight or is living with dementia. This seniors clock is a fantastic practical companion for domestic homes, aged care facilities, libraries and for NDIS and Home Care Clients.

This 20cm (8 inch screen) has very large font that displays:

  • The day (Monday, Tuesday etc.)
  • The Time of day (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • The Time itself with am and pm in the largest of the fonts
  • The date with day, month and year displayed.

The clock also has eight audible alarms that can be set individually for reminding people to take medicine or other functional activities. The alarm has 5 levels of volume from 1 being a normal audible alarm up to 5 being the loudest.

A remote control accompanies the clock and the alarm can be de-activated by pushing ANY button on the remote control.

The clock is 240V (plug into powerpoint) so it doesn't run on batteries. If the clock is accidently turned off, it will store your settings and turn back on as it were with all of your settings in order.

The clock also has an inbuilt light into the top of the frame ensuring the clock is clearly visible day or night.

This clock is $99.95 including GST and is available to purchase using Afterpay whereby you make 4 equal payments of $24.99.

Visit the website and search Seniors Clocks ( there are two designs available 8 inch ($99.95) or 10 inch ($149.95).

Mindconnect Australia are focusing on the prevention and management of cognitive decline through sourcing a range of puzzles, games and activities that connect people, provide engagement and stimulate the mind. Included in our range is a selection of award winning products designed for individuals living with dementia and sensory processing disorders.

The benefits of engaging in brain training are numerous  skill development, socialisation, improved cognitive function, develop problem solving skills and enhancing mood and engagement. 



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